About Air Sylhet

Air Sylhet customers will always be treated with respect, due care and consideration and be offered a pleasant flight experience by all Air Sylhet staff from Check-in, boarding, in-flight through to baggage claim.

They fly to multiple destinations at convenient times to the main airports. Whether customers are airborne or on the ground, Air Sylhet is focused on ensuring a full service experience.

Air Sylhet fully intends to provide their customers with safe, value driven, point-to-point air services. They aim to offer a consistent and reliable product and fares appealing to leisure and business markets on a range of International routes.

To achieve this they developed their people and established lasting relationships with their suppliers.

Customers Always First : Air Sylhet Customer Service Commitment

Air Sylhet Airlines is dedicated to providing a satisfying travel experience at a low cost price. They strive to do everything possible to ensure that your flight is enjoyable in every way.

1. Offer you the lowest fare available for which you are eligible for the date, flight and class of service you request when you call Air Sylhet telephone reservation line, or book travel and/or purchase a ticket from their authorized travel agents.

2. Notify you in a timely manner at the airport and on board an affected aircraft, of known delays, cancellations and diversions. And will offer you a clear and concise statement of their policies for how they will accommodate you if you are delayed due to fog or other reason.

3. Make every reasonable effort to return lost checked bags within 24 hours and will attempt to contact any customer whose unclaimed, checked luggage contains a name and address or phone number.

4. Offer liability limit for baggage on international flights.

5. Properly accommodate passengers with disabilities and special needs, and will disclose their policies and procedures for handling special needs passengers, such as Unaccompanied Minors and passengers with disabilities.

6. Meet your essential needs during long delays, and will make every reasonable effort to provide for food, water, restroom facilities and access to medical treatment for passengers aboard an aircraft that is on the ground for an extended period of time.

7. Handle "Bumped" passengers with fairness and consistency. And will disclose to you, upon request, at the time of ticketing whether the flight on which you are ticketed is overbooked.

8. Disclose Travel Itinerary, Cancellation Policies, Frequent Flyer Rules, and Aircraft Configuration.

Ensure that you receive a response to your written complaints within 30 days of their receipt by their Customer Relations department.